Brands That Are Doing it Right

With the recent U.S. Airways tweet mishap, I figured I would outline some brands that are currently doing it right. Whether it be on social, through ads, or consumer interaction, these brands exemplify what the consumer is looking for when turning to a brand.

1. Maserati Ghibli (SuperBowl Spot)

This is highly debated about being a commercial without much appeal. People have argued that it is mainly a creative directors wet dream and that is simply it. However, when listening to the copy and knowing Maserati as a brand and who their competition is in the mid-range sports car market, you begin to realize that the words and tone are highly impactful and true to what they are facing. Maserati is synonymous with high-end luxury cars that those in Hollywood drive around on the daily. When attempting to challenge Audi, BMW, and Mercedes, Maserati needed something to showcase their entrance into the mid-range sports car market and they succeeded.

Just focus on the copy and realize that Audi, BMW, and Mercedes have controlled the market, until now. There is a new contender in the ring.

2. Red Bull

The masters of storytelling. The wizards of consumer interaction across many platforms. Promotion is handled through events, contests, and word of mouth. Red Bull is a brand that has perfected the art of “story doing,” a way of thinking evangelized by Ty Montague, that allows for the consumer to connect to the brand on a personal level. Student brand managers spread the word on college campuses about the world of Red Bull and events that are occurring around the area. Flugtag, Threestyle, Seek and Destroy, Rampage, and thousands of other events that take place across the globe. Red Bull focuses on the showcasing of heroes that every strives to be through their life.

Welcome to the World of Red Bull.

3. Eat24

The kings of social media and the masters of comedic relief from a brand on social media. The food delivery app allows for people to order food to their house and follow the Eat24 motto “Our mission is to keep you from having to cook, shop or wear pants.” Who doesn’t want to be allowed to have food delivered and not have to put pants on? Eat24 constantly interacts with their customers and gives a short of comedic voice to food delivery.

These companies are connecting with the consumer and creating powerful story through the content that they are distributing.

"If the material is inspiring and motivates you, then it doesn’t really matter what it is." -Don Johnson

The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources. -Albert Einstein